What is Nitro Chill?

Nitro Chill is a neck cooling device that helps cool the body down when body heat rises to help preventHeat Exhaustion.  Nitro Chill does not require pre-cooling, refrigeration or pre-wetting.

The Effective design allows Nitro Chill (cooling scarf) to last for considerable time period and helps keeps body temperature below harmful levels.

  • Won't leave you wet
  • No pre-cooling
  • No Wetting
  • Allows full neck movement
  • Environmentally Friendly

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Outdoor Activities

If you live in Texas I don't have to tell you that being outside can make you feel like your on fire from time to time especially if you like doing outdoor activities. With the Nitro Chill collar there is no need to fell like that anymore...the Nitro Chill collar covers the neck's carotid artery helping the body cool down swiftly. With out leaving you wet.


  For All Outdoor Activities and Events !